• 2000kg Capacity
  • Lifting height 1540mm
  • Loading distance 600mm
  • Max Load 2000kg, center of gravity 750mm
  • Lift cylinders: 2 pcs. single acting with oil filled non-pressure over side.
  • Tilt cylinders: 2 pcs. double acting
  • Rear end collision guard: Part of construction
  • Hydraulic units: Integrated in support frame
  • Slider function: Hydraulic motor for sliding functions
  • Power: Electro - Hydraulic 12 or 24 Volt
  • Operation: Standard - heated 3 button control unit + 2 button control unit for sliding functions
  • Platform: Aluminium, single folded 1524mm long x 2350mm wide

Specification List

Lift Chassis
Slide System
Hydraulic motor block
Lift Cylinder
Tilt Cylinder
Hydraulic Unit